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Masks in public transport


Supplement to nationwide travel rules

Applicable from 22 August 2020

According to the latest order issued by the authorities in Denmark (Bekendtgørelse om krav om mundbind m.v. i kollektiv trafik m.v. - BEK nr 1221 af 20/08/2020 gældende til 31/10/2020), passengers on public transport must cover their mouth and nose with a face mask or visor. The order remains in force until 31 October 2020. The order applies to people travelling by bus, train, on Metro trains and light rail (Letbanen) trains as well as when using Flextrafik (dial-a-ride services). In addition, a face mask or visor must be worn at rail, Metro and bus stations, Letbanen stops and Letbanen stations. The requirement does not apply in shops and other areas which are not related to public transport, even though they may be situated in or close to a station or terminal area.

Disposable or cloth face masks must cover the nose and mouth, and be held in place by a string, elastic etc. behind the ears or head, and must sit tightly against the face.

A face visor is a plastic screen which covers the eyes, nose and mouth, but which does not sit tightly against the face.

The following customers are exempted from having to wear a face mask:

  • Children under 12 years of age
  • People with impaired consciousness
  • People with physical or mental impairments etc. which prevent them from being able to wear a face mask or visor.

The face mask or visor may be removed completely or partially if there is a creditable reason for doing so. For example:

  • During the brief consumption of food and drink, provided this is permitted according to the rules applying on the means of transport, at the station etc. in question.
  • When taking medicine.
  • When talking with people who lip-read.
  • If the face mask or visor results in breathing difficulties or feelings of being suffocated.
  • For identification purposes by the police.

Customers who fail to wear a face mask or visor, and who are not exempted from the requirement, may be refused admission or be asked to leave the means of transport/stations etc. by staff/inspectors. If necessary, the police may be called upon to assist. The police can issue a fine if the person in question fails to leave the means of transport/station etc.

To protect all passengers and staff, the travel companies are encouraging all customers to follow the authorities’ recommendations for users of public transport in connection with COVID-19, and to follow instructions issued by staff.

The latest up-to-date rules can be found here

Changes excepted.

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