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Coronavirus - English

Please comply with the recommendations from the authorities – including when using public transport.
You can read the recommendations on

Please show consideration for each other and keep your distance.
Please travel during off-peak hours, if possible.
If you are ill or think you might be infected, do not travel by bus, train or flex transport.

Wear a mask on the bus or in flextrafik

From August 22nd, wearing a mask is mandatory on all types of public transport in Denmark.

Read the supplement to the nationwide travel rules concerning masks

Avoid crowds

In order to avoid the spread of coronavirus, city buses and regional buses take fewer passengers than usual.

The permitted number of passengers is printed on the bus doors. A 12-metre bus can transport 50 passengers, and a 13-13.7-metre bus can transport 55 passengers, and an articulated bus can transport 70 passengers. The small city buses in Odense (route 10) can transport a maximum of 10 passengers.

You can use the travel guarantee again from May 27th 2020. The guarantee has been suspended for a period of time due to limitations on the number of passengers permitted on the busses.

You can once again buy tickets on the bus
From the 31th of august you can again pay with cash in the buses. We recommend however that you instead pay with rejsekort, the mobile ticket app or buy a ticket on webshop.fynbus.dk.

Both the app and the webshop are available in English and German.

Keep your distance – including to the driver

For the safety of the driver and in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, you are not permitted to use the front seats of the bus.

On the education routes – the ones with a U in the route number – you must check in and out on the same travel card reader in the middle of the bus. The driver adjusts the card reader according to the location of the bus, so please have some patience, and make sure that you are checked in or out properly.

How are the buses running?
The buses are running according to the normal timetables.

The night busses on the regional lines are not running at the moment because of restricted opening hours for nightlife. For now, the night busses are suspended up to and including the 31st of October.

Flex transport

It is still possible to use the flex transport service, and we have taken a number of steps to lower the risk of spreading virus.

Find out more about flex transport and coronavirus

Do you need assistance regarding your rejsekort?
The FynBus customer centre is open Monday from 10 AM to 4 PM and Tuesday to Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM. The telephones are open as usual.

Some of the other sales outlets are closed, and therefore, it is not possible to get personal assistance there.
You are welcome to call the rejsekort customer centre on +45 70 11 33 33 or the FynBus customer centre on +45 63 11 22 00.

NB! Sales outlets marked with red are still closed.

Would you like to have your ticket refunded?
Up to and including the 10 May, you can get a full refund on a number of ticket products, if needed.

Depending on your type of ticket, you should call us or write to us to get a refund. Find out how here.

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