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Coronavirus - English

Please comply with the recommendations from the authorities – including when using public transport.
You can read the recommendations on

Please show consideration for each other and keep your distance.
Please travel during off-peak hours, if possible.
If you are ill or think you might be infected, do not travel by bus, train or flex transport.

No cash tickets
From January 14th 2021 it's no longer possible to buy cash tickets on the busses or when using flex transport. This temporary suspension of cash payments is intended to reduce the risk of infection.

We recommend that you pay with rejsekort, the mobile ticket app or buy a ticket on webshop.fynbus.dk when taking the bus. Both the app and the webshop are available in English and German.

When using flex transport, you can book and pay online. If you are not able to do this, you can call +45 63 11 22 55 and we will help you pay by other means.

Wear a mask on the bus or in flextrafik

Wearing a mask is mandatory on all types of public transport in Denmark.

Read the supplement to the nationwide travel rules concerning masks

Avoid crowds

In order to avoid the spread of coronavirus, city buses and regional buses take fewer passengers than usual. The permitted number of passengers is printed on the bus doors.

From April 6th, the limits will be raised, permitting more passengers. This means that each bus permits one passenger per seat and some standing passengers.

  • A 12-metre bus can, from April 6th, transport 45 passengers
  • School busses can transport 40 passengers
  • A 13-13.7-metre bus can transport 50 passengers
  • An articulated bus can transport 65 passengers
  • Education routes (U-busses) can transport 50 passengers
  • The small city buses in Odense (route 10) can transport a maximum of 14 passengers

You can use the travel guarantee again from May 27th 2020, except when a bus cannot permit more passengers due to limitations on the number of passengers.

Keep your distance
From April 6th, you can once again use the front door of the bus.

For the safety of the driver you are not permitted to use the front seats of the bus.

Maintain distance to other passengers whenever possible.

How are the buses running?
Most busses are operating according to normal schedules.

There are some exceptions:

  • Line 44 (non-stop busses to the University of Southern Denmark) is not running at the moment
  • The night busses on the regional lines are not running at the moment because of restricted opening hours for nightlife

We will update the Journey Planner as soon as possible when changes are made.

Flex transport

It is still possible to use the flex transport service, and we have taken a number of steps to lower the risk of spreading virus.

Find out more about flex transport and coronavirus

Would you like to have your ticket refunded?
Depending on your type of ticket, you should call us or write to us to get a refund. Find out how here.

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